Top Secret Halloween Stuff…..

Haunted House Laboratory
Hello interested artists and craftspeople. The following is an outline of our “Haunted House Laboratory” gallery experiment. Following are photographs of the current lobby coupled with sketches and notes for the transformation(click to enlarge).  Again, we are altering the ground floor gallery into a mad scientist lab circa 1940-1960, budget Hollywood style. The lab will include a secret entrance, a study, the main lab, and a stairway up to the haunted house.

The Back Passage (or Front Entrance)
The secret back passage to the Doctor’s laboratory/house. This is a metal corridor that resembles that of a Bond villain hideout. It runs a total of 33 feet. We are not planning on hanging any pieces in this corridor, unless someone comes up with an ingenious/perfect idea.
Front Ramp (Back Passage)


The Laboratory Office
Once through the back passage you will find yourself in a rather cozy spot: a throw rug, an odd small wood stove and various nik nak collections*, books*, photographs*, diagrams*, a desk. Here is the small thought sanctuary for the Doctor. The laboratory office: a place where the Doc would do hours of studying, note taking, relaxing, plotting. The north wall is papered to match the rest of his abode, while the south is large stone bricks. Here we can accommodate artists with shelves, a desk, and wall space.



The Laboratory
Progressing onwards through a stone archway into . . . the laboratory. This is the place where the doctor brings his mad thoughts into our world. Giant conducting towers flicker from recent use. Switches, meters of all sorts, tools*, instruments*, bubbling test tubes*, containers of . . . things*? The walls are all large cold stone brick. A stairway leads up to the main floor of the Doctor’s house.

img082Laboratory Empty


pfatwhteplatter2 IMAG1480

These meters, along with a few knife switches, will be mounted to the wooden wall next to the elevator, pictured right.

Up The Stairs

Climbing the stairs to the main floor of the house, there is a large triple rip in the wallpaper . . . a painting* hangs crooked . . . there is something at the top of the stairs . . .

The Project
This is a theme show, where we create an non-traditional environment for you to express yourself in. The overall effort doubles as a Halloween spectacle. All over the “Haunted House Laboratory” there will be places to put pieces, whether paintings, sculptures, textiles, video installations, photos, etc. Please contact us ASAP with your ideas and confirm your participation. Pre-existing work is of course acceptable if we can contextualize its positioning. We will continue to post photographic updates on the “Haunted House Laboratory” on this blog. All will be labeled Top Secret with some sort of subheading. The password will remain the same (laboratory). Feel free to contact The Alley if you’d like to come by in person. You are awesome.

*where pieces may be displayed or helpful ideas.

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