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Hello everyone, yes I have been quiet for some months due to the many curve balls that life tends to pitch every once in a while.

I’d like to take this moment to welcome to the Secret Alley family, they are now our in house internet radio station. “ – Best Frequencies Forever. A radio station run by a community of music-obsessed radio enthusiasts, excited to share the stuff we love as we discover it.” is a great crew of people who not only work hard for the love of it, but have award winning personalities to boot. The programming proves to have impeccable taste for walks of all life, with amazing shows like Radioculars, Warm Liquid Goo Phase, Stuck In The Garage, Biding Time… you’re bound to start bounding, or chilling, or whatever it is you love to do

If you are at all interested in joining the posse and you wanna help out they are looking for; disc jockeys, web and graphic designers, collaborators and co-conspirators…and or anyone who has big dreams and bright ideas….



One thought on “ Moves In”

  1. Hi there,

    Are you guys still open? I can’t reach you by email or phone ( I think that is part of the allure). I really want to visit the place next wednesday!

    Thank you!

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